"Steps!" - Brutally Difficult! Game Review HD Official dividual Action 2...

It's super simple to play, but only a few would be able to reach the final stage.
Play hard to become the best gamer on Earth!

◆ So simple, so super hard

To play Steps!, just tap the screen. But, although you can have a clear view of the stage, you will have hard time to clear.

◆ Warning: super hard!

Steps!'s difficulty might be beyond your imagination. Please be aware and try not to throw your smartphone onto the floor even if you can't clear.

◆ Super Hard, yet Fun

A stage designer with a music background prepared 36 delicious stages full of both thrill and looseness.

◆ More immersive than one of those "impossibly hard video game"

The powerful beat and melody synchronizes with the character's motion to let you immerse in the game. You will get a great sense of accomplishment when you complete the super hard stages!

◆ Harder for people with good sense of rhythm?

Steps!'s stages contain many subtle rhythmical traps. Just one jump can generate a whole different groove. Enjoy a different sense of music than the stereotypical Music Games. Maybe you could train your sense of rhythm while playing those super hard stages?!